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March 30, 2019 | Meeting Rooms 4 to 6 * 5:00PM to 7:00PM * SMX Convention Center Manila

An exclusive opportunity for Filipino entrepreneurs to meet international brand representatives interested in entering the Philippines and network with them

List of Participating Brands
Logo Name Description Booth No.
CV Black Kebab IndonesiaBlack Kebab was established in May 2015 in Indonesia. We are the pioneer of the world's first black kebab. Black Kebab is a form of fast food business whose main menu is black kebab 232
Chim Cheng Drink and Food Co, LTDBubblez Drinks provide products with Taiwan tea. All products are freshly prepared every day and served in mechanically sealed cups to ensure the highest level hygiene and safety. It offers wide menu of thrist-quenching drinks. Its products are combined with coffee creamer from Nestle and Yakult, pudding and fruit drink made from fresh fruit and provide freshly brewed coffee.285
kum-top f&bRestaurant Serving korean dishes and beverages 211
SY Franchise Co.,Ltd. Korean Style BBQ&Bar / Signature Menu: Daepae samgyeopsal (grilled thin pork belly), Dwaeji-bulgogi(Pork bulgogi with hot sauce), Budaejjigae(Sausage Stew)208
AppleTreeBorn in Seoul in 2009, COFFEEBAY is a coffee franchise company with more than 520 stores worldwide. Coffee Bay offers five best Arabica beans in a mixing ratio making the most delicious coffee flavor by blending.It also use fresh beans to achieve the perfect aroma and taste that does not burn. With its Medium roasting method it reduces the bittertaste which makes the best sense of the natural taste flavor.207
Food Style Co., LtdFood's Style aims to lead the way in conveying Japanese traditional gastro-culture and Omotenashi spirit to the global marketplace by forming a network of overseas restaurant outlets and helping restaurateurs develop their businesses overseas and Japan.257
Fuel Shack Sdn BhdRestaurant: Halal-certified signature burgers, fries, milkshakes, hotdogs 217
Global Art & Creative Sdn BhdSince 1999, Global Art Creative Learning Methodology have been nurturing and developing children?s creativity throughout the world.Through our art enrichment program in our inspired learning setting and environment, learners will reinforce, improve and enhance their learning discipline, creative expression and artistic abilities, optimizing their learning experience and potential in life.221
Global EduHub Pte Ltd.Established in 1995, Global EduHub is a leading private education group headquartered in Singapore with over 10 brands and 50 schools across multiple countries. 239
gaupfc Co.,LtdTraditional pork belly barbeque restaurant GUIGA, just like the word 'traditional' in the title insists, will provide upright food to our customers. The upright food of GUIGA bases on the fundamentals. Meat of good quality, food that you can trust, and try to serve the best quality and taste of meat.210
H2O Life SourceBetter Water Better Health- H2O MINERALPLUS? is a subsidiary of H2O LIFE SOURCE, the leading water specialist company in South East Asia, headquarters in Singapore. We redefine a new standard of drinking water for the water refilling industry. Our patented Purified Mineral Water system is a state-of-the-art technology designed for high efficiency that produces not just pure drinking water, but the water that is naturally mineralized. PMW system complies strictly with the Philippines FDA H-16-309 and US Food& Drug Administration requirement in 21 CFR 177-182 for safety and has been tested to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 42 in reducing contaminants.244 & 245
P.T Mutu Karya PerkasaFast Food restaurant, founded in 2004, and became the No. 1 in Indonesia, It has opened more than 65 Outlet. Partnership with coca cola as an official drink. 228
IPM ENGINEERING SDN BHDIPM Professional Services is a leading multi-disciplinary design consultancy firm, integrated with architectural consultancy, engeneering consultancy, master planning and cost planning. IPMPS provides comprehensive design consultancy services. With our experienced professional architects and professional engineers, various types of development like high-rise apartments and condominiums, landed residential, commercial, industrial building and factory can be achieved. 216
Izumi Global Incorporated Izumi is a Japanesse educational brand schools providing innovative education according to the students' individuals strengths and weakness in small groups. We are currently expanding in South East Asia and aiming to provide quality, intellectual and fun education 252
JAWSFOOD Co.,LtdEstablished in 2007 in Korea we are enlarging the 'JAWS Tteokbokki' which is the most loved Tteokbokki brand in Korea and the 'Teacher Kim' which is a premium Kimbab brand. Tteokbokki serves stir-fried rice cakes and light traditional Korean food. 202
YUMSEM Co., LTD.YUMSEM GIMBAP started as small Bunsik(Korean Snack) eatery in 2001. In 2006, after open 3 more direct managing restaurant, YUMSEM Co., LTD. started Franchise business as YUMSEM. Now YUMSEM runs 170 restaurants in South Korea. Gimbap is a famous korean dish made from cooked rice and other ingredients that are rolled in gim?dried sheets of nori seaweed?and served in bite-sized slices206
The Laundry Club Pte Ltd.Laundry Club is one of Singapore's biggest dry-cleaning chain since 1998. We have been franchising for the past 20 years. With cutting edge RFID technology, 21 years of in-depth laundry business experience, we are in an excellent position to provide a successful laundry franchise. 234
Yum China Holdings, Inc.Fine Casual Restaurant; Little Sheep first opened in Baotou, China, in 1999. Over the past decade, we have been dedicated to make one of the most welcoming hot pot with the top sourced ingredients. Little Sheep now locates nearly 300 stores in more than 120 regions and cities worldwide.258
Didim Inc. Serves well-marinated meat where costumers grill and cook their own food; Didim Inc is the biggest Korean BBQ restaurant franchise company with more than 20 brands. 200
Maple Bear PhillippinesOffers full Canadian programs utilizing Canadian methodology and curriculum for ground up to preschool, elementary, and high school.262
Modern Montessori International PTE LTDModern Montessori International is Montessori preschool business with centres located internationally,- Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, India, Sri-Lanka, Nigeria, Kenya, London, Singapore.243
HAIMARROW FOOD SERVICE CO., LTD.HAIMARROW FOOD SERVICE CO., LTD operates two F&B franchise brands; MOM?s TOUCH & BOOMBATA in Korea and internationally. MOM?s TOUCH offers Korean style hand-made burgers and chicken. It operates 1,172 stores in Korea. It also distributes frozen processed chickens and frozen processed foods to distribution branches, food services, and retailers and produces frozen processed chicken and raw chicken meat. 204
MuzArt International Sdn BhdThe leading talent cultivation organization that has won more than 17 international awards. The unique art academy with strong psychological theories proven behind has helped produce 30,00 talented children with fantastic ideas. MuzArt ha studied the education concept with contributed to creating favorable learning atmosplere and provides planned guidance for specific purposes on the basis of requirements of students . A well-matures system handled by excellent staff and enthusiastic educators will provide you with full training and support throughout the excellent growth of MuzArt218
Mentari Yakin Management Sdn BhdEducation: It offers diploma in children art. It was established in Malaysia in year 1999 with the objective of inspiring children?s creativity through our interesting art courses. 220
Food Zone Co.,Ltd.Food Zone is a leader in pizza franchise business with about 530 stores across Korea through Pizza Maru, a chain specializing in take-out pizza, which can provide cheap and high-quality pizza to consumers.201
Q-dees Worldwide Edusystems (M) Sdn BhdEducation: Q-dees' award-winning Link & Think Methodology makes complex learning simple and fun by powerfully integrating the logical and creative mind to think.219
REDDOT BREWHOUSE PTE LTD With its opening in 2007, RedDot Brewhouse has been the first family-owned microbrewery in Singapore. RedDot Brewhouse has since situated two Restaurant Bars in the Little Red Dot (Singapore), where craft beer lovers can enjoy their diverse selection of brews - the first in Dempsey Hill which houses its microbrewery, and the second in Boat Quay. RedDot continues to the next chapter with their first bottling plant in Australia; with the aim of creating and sharing their craft brews to the rest of the world. With the help of Enterprise Singapore, RedDot opened their first franchise in Myanmar.236
ROBOTHINKRoboThink Robotics program is a hands-on learning experience where students at all ages can design and build robots of all shapes, sizes and functions233
SAG Retail Sdn BhdFood and Beverage Stores | Nonstore Retailers: Importer of a diverse range of dry fruits from the Middle East, Western Europe & Asian Countries.222
MAXONE ELINK,Co.LtdCafe and pastries 203
Subway Systems Singapore Pte LtdThesubway sandwich shop founded in 1965, the Subway chain has a highly recognizable brand identity with low startup costs and a program that includes training and guidance in all areas of operation. Having a reputation for offereinh wholesome alternatives to traditionally faffty fast food, Subway restaurants are popular destinations around the world with 43,500+ independently owned and operated locations in 110+ countries.237
Creative Eateries Pte Ltd.Creative Eateries provides food and beverage concepts for food lovers seeking memorable dining experiences to be shared with family and friends. Founded by Mr Anthony Wong in 1992, the birth of Creative Eateries began with Hot Stones Steak and Seafood Restaurant. Seasoned with 27 years of experience, we pride ourselves as a reliable go-to brand, delivering consistent dining experience for every occasion ? be it Thai, Western, Chinese, Japanese cuisine or Catering. Moving forward, Creative Eateries will continue to build our local footprint in the Singapore market, whilst growing regionally with brands like SUKI-SAN, ROCKU YAKINIKU, BANGKOK JAM and FLAMING DON.240
CV. Taisi CorporationA brand under the auspices of CV. Taisi Corporation, which specializes in culinary specialties processed tofu production. Started with a simple cart concept in early 2012 and is now evolving into a premium version of the cart and booth, and has now reached 350 outlets. Our products have got certificate from Health Department and Halal MUI certificate. Brand Tahu Jeletot Taisi has also been registered in HAKI Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.231
Capstone Focus PTE LTDThe largest Hainanese Chicken rice chain in the world, certified Halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), a widely recognized Halal authority. With over 100 outlets in Malaysia, Myanmar and Brunei, we are looking to bring our traditional Hainanese and South East Asian cuisine throughout the world. 259
TCR International Food Group PTYThe chocolate room was first established in Geelong, Victoria, Australia in 2006 and has quickly grown to become the leading brand in the chocolate caf? market. The chocolate room is home to a delightful collection of chocolate based goodies. You can try from a wide range of hot chocolate drinks, chocolate fondues, patisserie, and waffles and handmade Belgian chocolates. it also offers selection of teas and a fruit toast and Melting Marshmallow pancake or one of our rich Choco shakes. For those visiting for the first time, our Tasting plate is the ideal introduction- it has a selection of 3 Belgium chocolates and a classic European hot chocolate.251
VSA Thailand (SG) PTE., LTD 230
Biz Rise Co., LTDFounded in 2013, it is made up of professionals who have experience as franchisors, franchisees, and franchise brokers. It handles domestic and international business matching by introducing carefully selected food franchises for business opportunities and support the introduction of new business for success.254
Logo Name Description Booth No.

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